TABLE TIME! (Teach Me Something Thursday)

Ok, so I mentioned that for Thursday’s I will be focusing on topics that will be about certain skills or projects I’m learning (or interested in learning) for the current week. For the final week before the Holidays, I want to learn something very simple in concept…

A table. Just a simple four person table.

But…it’s not just any table. It is a gaming table that can be made for less than $150 and looks just like all of the $5k+ tables that you can buy online. This guy put together a how to video (it is almost an hour long but it’s worth the watch, trust me) on the steps he took and how you can save money from trimming some fat from the project. I want to aim for something closer to his so the final cost will end up around $250, but I think it would be worth it.

So I have linked the video below; take some time over the next week or so and take a watch. If you just want to see it in action, skip to the about the last eight minutes.

It’s time to build a table!

Keepin’ it Geeky,

The Oey