Sometimes you just need a little structure…

Have you ever ran in to the struggle where it seems everyday you start off with a lot of motivation to get a lot of stuff done and then all of a sudden you get caught in a time suck? That’s been my day to day over the last month. Silly things that shouldn’t be distracting keep pulling me to them like a mosquito to a bug light. I gotta stop that. So to do that, I am adding some more structure to this bloggie thingie. If I stay consistent with this, I should have content, using both the written word and the visual medium of “vlogs”, every day.

So below are the seven themes for each day that I will be using to add structure and some explanation for each.

Mrs. H Monday’s –

This day, in my opinion, is the wild card. Mrs. H, my beautiful wife, will be posting on this day. More than likely it will be just a bunch of random thoughts thrown together and plopped in to a blog (that is kind of how she is with most things.) I’m thinking that by challenging her and getting her to consistently write will free up her creative muscles some more for her future zombie/buddy cop movie she’s gonna make (and I’m being completely serious about that.)

TableTop Tuesday –

I think this one is fairly obvious. This will be full on tabletop/boardgames discussion. Maybe it will be about a new game I want to play (or did), any fun things from my gaming sessions, thoughts on a relevant topic, or even discussions about a current campaign I am putting together. Trust me when I say there is never a reason to run out of things to stay about tabletop games.

Walk Down Memory Lane Wednesday –

Here I will do my reflection and storytelling of tales past. Experiences I’ve gone through growing up, lessons learned, funny stories, painful failures, and uplifting successes. This will be the day most of my family and friends will tune in.

Teach Me Something Thursday –

Here I will be focusing on the various things I am trying to improve my skills at. Things I am trying to learn or master in some way, for example it could be a tutorial on a certain VFX in After Effects, a recipe I tried, or even a gaming table how-to-video I’m obsessed with…I’m not saying that happened or anything…zip it.

Film Fridays –

Probably the day I am looking forward to the most. It will be my weekly vlog post that will be discussing my chosen film for Friday night viewing. It could be a classic (think Citizen Kane, Star Wars Ep. V, Apocalypse Now, etc.), films that are hugely popular and have impacted popular culture in countless ways. Others will be more of the cult fair (Rocky Horror Picture Show, Repo Man, newer ones like Turbo Kid, etc.) to provide a wide taste range. A good chunk of these I will have already seen, but I’m going to throw some new ones in there. As well as some bad movies every once in a while because what the hell right? Each post I’ll discuss some background about the film, a synopsis, and a recap of my thoughts at the end. Each posting I do will be in the 3-6 min range.

Substitute Saturdays –

On Saturdays it is pretty much anything goes. This day can have anything I am feeling like that particular day. It could be a topic of the other six days, it could be something completely unrelated to everything else. This day will probably be the most challenging as there will be times where I can’t think of anything to talk about. But if there’s no challenge then it is not worth trying.

Something Fun to Read (or Check This Out!) Sunday –

Finally, Sunday will be day where I give shout outs (and links) to anything interesting I’ve read throughout the week (as well as anything that tickled my fancy.) So maybe I read a really cool essay on Tuesday and found an awesome new podcast on Thursday. Both of them would get some appreciation on this day. I’m hoping this will encourage me to keep trying to find new, exciting content wherever it may be.

So that’s it. My weekly posting structure/schedule. As this is the first time I am posting about this, we won’t be starting with Mrs. H Monday mainly because she is still trying to figure out her first post. But I am hard at work for TableTop Tuesday. I am aiming to have all posts up and ready by 5 p.m. CST daily so it would be ready for most people as they get off work and start browsing the inter highway. While this may be an exercise in futility, I say it’s worth the try. When you start working out to lose weight you may never make you goal weight, but you may add months or years to your life so it is still worth it. I’m looking at this idea in the same way. So here goes.

Keepin’ it Geeky,

The Oey



Tabletop Fun FTW

So this will be a  quick update, again with the rapid fire approach. I’m getting ready to hit the gym so I gotta keep it quick.

  • I feel most updates will follow this rapid fire format. I, like most people, have about a million random thoughts bouncing around my head. At least a couple of them I want to put down in some form of documentation. Doing it this way allows me to get some of them down while giving myself time to develop ideas I want to write about further at a point in time down the line.
  • Yesterday was the kickoff of Midwest Gamefest. Now, I didn’t get to go even though I have a four day pass; had family obligations. However, today I will be joining the many other tabletop fans in the KC area for some dungeon crawling, card throwing, and random scenario beating fun! Along with my sis, who has gotten the tabletop bug as well.
  • I’m testing a new workout tracker app for my gym workouts called Strong. Sort of simplistic but I like it. So far my only bone to pick with it is that when I was trying to input my workout for today (so I know what I gots to do at the gym) it crashed a couple times when I was making edits. Don’t know if that is an app or a phone issue. We shall see.
  • Next week I shall have about four days without the wifey. She’s hopping on to a plan to Florida to visit an old friend for a few days; I’m pretty sure the dogs will be sick of me by the time the trip is done. I like to carry on full conversations with them, very animated like, and it drives them bonkers.
  • Last thought for now (hopefully I will sit down and do a Midwest Gamefest recap tonight): I am going to start a daily “Try this out” or “I Recommend…” thing. I want it to be wide ranging in its variety. Some days I recommend a game, others a youtube video. Maybe a song from the radio or a book I finished. Heck, maybe even a recipe (which would have an accompanying post showing my efforts in making said recipe.) Today I think I’ll start with that is taking the internet by storm.
  • Today I recommend: WTF (Where They From) by Missy Elliot ft. Harrell Williams, the music video. Missy has been out of the music game for some time and then recently dropped the single and music video for her new song. Much like most of her music, it is not for everyone. She has a unique approach to the idea of using “ear worms” in her music, which I respect her for. There have been times I couldn’t stand one of her songs and other times I can’t get enough of it. However, one thing I have always loved about her is her approach to music videos; they are a filmmakers dream. Often utilizing insane (in a good way) ideas, gorgeous cinematography, and the editing…probably some of the best editing you will ever see in music videos. Her new effort is no different. So, enjoy!

I feel the need…the need…for speed…or writing…or something..

So here comes  a bunch of rapid fire thoughts which I will expand upon later.

  1. I FINALLY finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last night. Very enjoyable book but I still feel the movie is far superior. In the film the filmmakers streamlined  a lot of the 3rd act which I feel is necessary. In the book Rowling gets a little repetitive and clunky and throws in a huge chunk of exposition that slows down the pace. In the film, they are able to take about a chapter and half of…well, exposition and fluff…in to a tension filled third act that goes forward at breakneck pace. I had been told beforehand by my friend C. (I will only use first letters for friends and family) that the film left out a bunch of stuff that was in the book. I respect her opinion on the topic of Potter greatly (mainly because she was the one who gave me the nudge to finally sit down and read the series, not just watch the movies) but I gotta say, as a filmmaker and cinephile, the movie succeeds where Rowling struggled. Still a fun book though! I have Goblet of Fire next to my bed as I speak, ready to be torn through starting today.
  2. I spent Tuesday night reading HP and enjoying the company of my wife…while others tried to make sense of the idiocy that was going on during the GOP debate last night. Seriously, how can any sane person watch any of them and not laugh at the sheer lunacy that is the GOP nominee field? None of them live in what we like to call “reality.” Can’t wait until the next #DemDebate where we will see actual grown ups have a civil, fact-based discussion on the future of our country.
  3. Apparently that Fred-Durst-Wannabe-Social-Media-Preacher-Which-Is-The-Same-As-A-Hate-Mongering-Street-Preacher Josh Fartstein or something (I know that’s not his name, but literally he would be more respected if fart noises just came out of his mouth when opened it) is causing a big huff over the design of the Starbucks cups. I…I can’t even…I won’t go on a rant on him. I’ll just say: he is an idiot and if you are one of the people who feel the same way as he does on this manufactured controversy…well, I guess you’re an idiot too.
  4. So Fallout 4 dropped and I tried to resist my urge in picking it up. Alas, I couldn’t. However, I have not succumbed to losing myself in the game. I have played maybe an hour at most and most of that time was picking out a house in my neighborhood to start building defenses for. What can I say, I was in the market.
  5. I’m working on creating a more routine day for my non-working days. I have more of those now that I switched status at my job (it was a good switch, trust me.) I’m thinking it goes like this:
    1. Early morning: Wake up, breakfast, take dogs for walk, maybe running
    2. Mid-Day: Writing/working on my various projects (that will see the light of day)
    3. Lunch time: The wifey usually comes home on lunch so I spend that with her
    4. Afternoon: House cleaning (if necessary), more project work, blow off time
    5. Evening: Make dinner
    6. Late Evening: Workout at gym
    7. Various days: Do work stuff around KC, etc.
  6. Sounds like a pretty straight forward schedule that should keep me productive and busy.
  7. Oh! I’ve also found out…I’m a pretty damn good cook. Like hella good. I’m thinking on top of all the other posts and topics I’ll be covering going forward on here, I think I’ll do like a weekly cooking post to show something new I tried out. Sounds yummy! (I do not regret that line!)
  8. Anyway, that’s enough rapid fire! I am off! Gotta work on the house a bit and then get ready to hit up Midwest Gamefest tonight possibly.

Keep it Geeky,


+10 to dexterity, roll d12 for armor increase…

Calm down, chill out. I am not about to spend the next few paragraph going on about Dungeons & Dragons/Tabletop RPGs or anything…mainly because I don’t play D&D (I have many friends who partake) and I have limited experience with TtRPS (Some basic experience with Heroclix and several rounds of Munchkin are about as close as I get and that’s not very close to be honest…) but anyway I digress.

The title, which doesn’t always have to do at all with the content of the post (at least when it comes to me), does actually have some connection to my main thought line through this post. I have noticed that I have a tendency of having one day full of epiphanies and I realize I’m dropping the ball on a lot of things that I wish I wasn’t…working out, my eating choices, my money, my reading, my writing, etc. etc. etc…this list could literally take all day. I realized I needed something to help me stay on track but something that would be both effective yet fun. 

Let me introduce you to that solution…


It’s still in the development stage (it seems) so it is not without its bugs but so far it has been a ton of fun.

Basic concept: You set up your character (everything is done in simple 8 bit pixel art, which gives it some great charm), and then you create several lists. Habits/Dailies/To-Dos/Rewards. You edit the items on each of these lists. For example: On the Dailies list, you create an item of “Exercise” and determine how often you should do it, when you should do it each time, and even add a checklist of must do exercises if you feel the need. After having done so, you just check it off once it is completed each day. You will be rewarded with gold/silver and XP (experience points for the less nerdy kind) which will eventually allow you to purchase things for your character as well as level up your character. 

You can go on quests, join guilds, and do just about anything else you imagine in an RPG. It has both a browser and a mobile version and I gotta say…I think its working. 

Some of the items on my dailies are 45 minutes of reading, exercise, running, and brushing my teeth (the last one I often forget to do.) I have been able to check off at least 3 out of the everyday for the past week (don’t worry, brushing my teeth has been checked daily.) It has led to one of my best workout weeks in months, I have brushed daily, and I was able to finish the first book in the series I’m reading and get 2/3 of the way through the second (more on the series I’m reading to be revealed in a later post.) 

I’m finding it very effective and I believe I will be utilizing this app for sometime in the future. If for some reason I ever get track on a positive habit that I’ve created, I’ll just hop right back on to see how my character is faring and get to work again!

Just a few quick thoughts that will be further discussed on later posts:

– DC and Marvel had great showings at San Diego Comic Con this year (the leaked footage of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer really geeked me out) and I was really happy that they showed what they did but I just can’t help but feel…a lil disappointed??? 

– Next year I plan on going to both Kansas City Comic Con (otherwise known as Planet Comic Con) and Denver Comic Con with my cousin/best friend Ryan in tow. Hopefully our podcast will be up and running by then so it wont’ be too much trouble for us to get press passes.

– Only a few more weeks until CHIEFS FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

– Thankfully today (Sunday) is a rest day! But I might still do 10 minutes or so of plyometrics just to keep the body loose.