I miss my games… Pt. 1

Before someone becomes a parent for the first time, you never truly appreciate your free time. For realsies. Before our kiddo came, I didn’t understand the amount of time that I had at my disposal. I mean, there were times were I used the free time well but most of the time it was a missed opportunity.

There was one constant though. Board games were a frequent occurrence in my free time. Didn’t have plans after dinner? Let’s play Smash Up! Got a free afternoon? How about Big Trouble in Little China Legendary? Got a whole day free? D&D Temple of Elemental Evil! Our free time always consisted of either a movie (on Bluray or at the theater) or a board game.

That all changed when the kiddo came. And yes, family/friends and every parenting blog/newsletter I read said your free time would disappear, but like many parents it isn’t until that kid is born that the truth of that statement hits you. Don’t get me wrong, this is not me complaining about my kid being a time suck (not true in the slightest), because every second I spend with the kiddo I cherish. But this is me acknowledging that time spent on my hobbies is much harder to come by. It wouldn’t be so hard to find time to do my hobbies with just the kid; throw in jobs that require us to drive 35-40 minutes one way, demanding ungodly hours, and a lot of physical/mental demands, it makes getting home and having a game hit the table the last thing I want to do because A) I just want to sit on the couch and cuddle my kid, B) the kid’s bedtime routine needs to start shortly after we get home, and C) Other home responsibilities usually demand our attention as well.

The wife and I have discussed this at length. We both miss the thrill of a new game or an old favorite hitting the table. We made a promise while we were expecting the kiddo that we would make boardgaming part of our routine so that the little one grows up with table top just being part of everyday life. The community aspect, the critical thinking, the imagination needed to play games…all will be a benefit down the road. So, we are taking steps to put games back in to our daily lives. It’ll require a couple of steps to make it happen. We’ll plan/meal prep more, so we can just grab our dinner and not have to spend most of our evenings cooking. We’ll have the little one at the table with us, taking it all in. My sis will join our many tabletop adventures, as that gives her time to spend with our little one and she can also scratch her boardgame itch. One day out of the week will be a day focused entirely on working on the home so we can have more free time throughout the week.

These changes will allow us to finally hit the table with some of our games we have yet to play since we got them (Star Wars: Rebellion I’m looking at you!) But something even more exciting, it’ll allow us to finally play several games that we’ve been craving to play. What are they? Well, I’m glad you asked….

To Be Continued


+10 to dexterity, roll d12 for armor increase…

Calm down, chill out. I am not about to spend the next few paragraph going on about Dungeons & Dragons/Tabletop RPGs or anything…mainly because I don’t play D&D (I have many friends who partake) and I have limited experience with TtRPS (Some basic experience with Heroclix and several rounds of Munchkin are about as close as I get and that’s not very close to be honest…) but anyway I digress.

The title, which doesn’t always have to do at all with the content of the post (at least when it comes to me), does actually have some connection to my main thought line through this post. I have noticed that I have a tendency of having one day full of epiphanies and I realize I’m dropping the ball on a lot of things that I wish I wasn’t…working out, my eating choices, my money, my reading, my writing, etc. etc. etc…this list could literally take all day. I realized I needed something to help me stay on track but something that would be both effective yet fun. 

Let me introduce you to that solution…


It’s still in the development stage (it seems) so it is not without its bugs but so far it has been a ton of fun.

Basic concept: You set up your character (everything is done in simple 8 bit pixel art, which gives it some great charm), and then you create several lists. Habits/Dailies/To-Dos/Rewards. You edit the items on each of these lists. For example: On the Dailies list, you create an item of “Exercise” and determine how often you should do it, when you should do it each time, and even add a checklist of must do exercises if you feel the need. After having done so, you just check it off once it is completed each day. You will be rewarded with gold/silver and XP (experience points for the less nerdy kind) which will eventually allow you to purchase things for your character as well as level up your character. 

You can go on quests, join guilds, and do just about anything else you imagine in an RPG. It has both a browser and a mobile version and I gotta say…I think its working. 

Some of the items on my dailies are 45 minutes of reading, exercise, running, and brushing my teeth (the last one I often forget to do.) I have been able to check off at least 3 out of the everyday for the past week (don’t worry, brushing my teeth has been checked daily.) It has led to one of my best workout weeks in months, I have brushed daily, and I was able to finish the first book in the series I’m reading and get 2/3 of the way through the second (more on the series I’m reading to be revealed in a later post.) 

I’m finding it very effective and I believe I will be utilizing this app for sometime in the future. If for some reason I ever get track on a positive habit that I’ve created, I’ll just hop right back on to see how my character is faring and get to work again!

Just a few quick thoughts that will be further discussed on later posts:

– DC and Marvel had great showings at San Diego Comic Con this year (the leaked footage of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer really geeked me out) and I was really happy that they showed what they did but I just can’t help but feel…a lil disappointed??? 

– Next year I plan on going to both Kansas City Comic Con (otherwise known as Planet Comic Con) and Denver Comic Con with my cousin/best friend Ryan in tow. Hopefully our podcast will be up and running by then so it wont’ be too much trouble for us to get press passes.

– Only a few more weeks until CHIEFS FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

– Thankfully today (Sunday) is a rest day! But I might still do 10 minutes or so of plyometrics just to keep the body loose.