What is in a name?

So today is the beginning. I am setting out on this new venture, hoping to tickle someone’s fancy across the InterHighway. I announced on my tumblr earlier today I was going to be utilizing another blog service to do more personal venting, rambling, cheering, and jeering. It is my hope that this will force me to stick to my writing; it may not be of high quality, but it at least keeps the voices at bay.

Just a few thoughts to kick-start this whole thing:

– My blog name, Keepin’ it Geeky, was created many moons ago. I signed up for a WordPress account a while back and it had meant for this to be a blog focusing primarily on things of a geeky nature. While I am not entirely abandoning that idea, that is too narrow of a focus. I will also be pontificating (if you want to call it that) on everything from politics to sports, the weather to food I enjoy. Really this blog will give you the insight of an average joe who actually experiences some cool things some times.

– I will not be connecting this to my personal tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter. I want this to be my thoughts entirely, and I worry attaching this to my personal life could cause complications with certain areas of my life (though my fiancée will be a frequent visitor of this site.)

– I will not use cruelty, prejudice, or hate to discuss a topic. Will I talk about something that upsets me? Of course.  About a particular individual (such as a politician or head coach)? You know it. But I refuse to sink to a level where I attack them; I may question their intelligence from time to time, but that’s as far as I go.

– I will also use this site to share my attempts at my hobbies, such as writing (fictional) and photography (a fictional skill.) So when I do decide to share these hobbies, do be kind in your criticism. I am not thick-skinned like many people I know. But if you have constructive criticism and advice to help improve what I am doing, by all means let me know.

– Finally, I don’t expect this to get big in any way. I don’t even know if anyone besides my fiancée will read it. And you know what? I am just fine with that. Maybe a million years from now those “Engineers” from Prometheus will show up and they happen upon an archive of my ramblings. Then they will really wonder what we were like.

I’m checking out for today. Let’s see if I can go 21 days to start a habit. Day 1 done…day 2 here I come.

Keepin’ it Geeky,

Average Joe