Childcare, single parents, and a cause for 2017…

Single Moms Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Child Care and Getting an Education

Over the last couple of years I have been working on a project for the super awesome Marci, my aunt-in-law. This project makes poor through studies and articles focused on several topics: Early Ed, Childcare, PreK, Birth thru 8 years old policy, and foster/adoption stuff. Every day there is something I come across that really impacts me, especially since shortly after the new year starts I myself will be a parent. The stuff I am finding now will impact Heather Harris and I in the near future. So when I come across articles like this one in #NYMag, I get upset.

Offering #ChildCare for single and/or low income parents who are trying to further their education so they can offer a better life for their little one just makes sense. But…that is something that is lost on a lot of people. This is an issue that won’t see improvement in the next two years either (that may change in 2018 depending on what happens w/Mid-Term elections.) Starting in 2017, I am going to make it my goal to do everything I can to help these causes that I currently just read about. I want and need to do this. Not just for my son’s future, but for my neighbor, my fellow Kansas Citian, my fellow American.

I’m gonna start stepping away from posting purely on politics on my social media (unless it is something pretty urgent.) It is fairly obvious where I stand; I hate Trump, the GOP will cripple our country/government, and I still am upset that Bernie wasn’t given a fair shake. Going forward, I want to focus on causes that I know will have a long-lasting impact on our country. A positive impact, one that will help us in 2017 and 2077 if done right. Let’s do this New Year; I’m ready to make you better.

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I was going to do a long blog post filled with my reflections about the worst commerce day of the year (Black Friday) and then the terrorist attack in Colorado Springs happened. The idea of doing a post that blasts the evil that is the busiest shopping day of the year and not acknowledge the incident in CO seemed wrong. While I am not going to spend much time dwelling on the horrific incident (the more I do the more my anger increases) I will say a few quick thoughts.

  • This was domestic terrorist attack that was made possible thanks to the horrible actions of the far right.
  • Women’s health is apparently something considered dangerous by the whackos on the right.
  • Those who say it was a “bank robbery gone wrong”…are you really that much in denial of reality? Seriously, get your head out of your ass.


    I stand with PP…do you?

  • Pretty telling that all 14 GOP presidential candidates and quite a few GOP leaders have said absolutely nothing about the attack. If it were something that attacked what they deem necessary, you can bet that they would be fired up about it. But a place that “kills babies”? Who cares amiright???
  • I’m glad that both Clinton and Sanders at least responded to the attacks. While I would have wished from more than a tweet from both, they at least acknowledged it. Can’t say the same for O’Malley.
  • None of my conservative friends on Facebook or Twitter have said anything heartfelt for the victims (well, one did post a meme honoring the officer who was killed during the attack; what about the other victims? What about the attack on women’s healthcare?) Needless to say it is days like yesterday that show the true heart of the Right.

In closing: My heart, my thoughts, my prayers go to this affected by this horrible terrorist attack. Going forward, I will do more than just post a hashtag in support. I am going to find ways to volunteer at a local PP location. Every bit helps.

If you would like more information about the services Planned Parenthood offers or would like to donate, please check their website here. 

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