Hello dear friend…I’ve missed you.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry I’ve been away. Life has been crazy busy. I let everything else take priority and you got pushed to the side. I feel really cruddy about that. Hopefully, someday, I can make it up to you. Let me start by feeling you in on everything that has happened since we last spoke in February of this year.

  • Our baby was born!
    • Since the birth, we’ve had some health scares with the little one. A good handful of ER visits. At least one several night stay at the hospital. But Peanut is doing good now.
  • I started a new job!
    • This job is pretty awesome but requires a lot of my time between May and August. But the rest of the year it’s pretty chill filled with team building, planning, and leadership training.
  • Surprisingly, I haven’t seen very many films this year. I think maybe two? That’ll change in the off season but besides a select handful, I think my summer blockbuster viewing will be taking a hit.
  • We’ve had a run of bad luck over the summer; our little one’s health, then our health, then the car went out, and then our basement flooded…twice! But we’ve kept our heads up, looking at the positive, and pushing through.
  • I am sooooooo close to being done with the edit of Dead Hearts! I just need a day or two to wrap things up. Yet, I can’t find the time due to the previously mentioned issues as well in addition to the time parenting and the new job takes. In a few weeks my work season slows way down and I’ll finally be able to take two days off in a week, back to back, and that’s all I’ll do.
    • Once I finish the final cut, I’m sending a copy to everyone who helped with it. I’m going to book a private screening for everyone to attend. I’m going to apply for a bunch of film festivals. I can’t wait!
  • I have a bunch of new ideas for my next film project, but before I just dive in to those I’m doing some self education. Working on learning the 3 Act structure, what rules to follow (or break), adding depth to my writing, etc. Once I have that down, I’ll feel more comfortable and confident on actually putting my ideas in a script.
  • I’m working on several podcasts with various folks that hopefully will premiere later this fall! More details to come!
  • I’m back on track with my health; I have a pretty solid routine where I do the same stuff throughout the morning and mid-day. Oatmeal w/1 tablespoon of PB, vitamins for breakfast. Apple for first snack. If I’ve been active, I’ll have an Elevation bar (from Aldi.) Lunch is a Lean Shake w/some string cheese. Afternoon is a protein bar and/or apple. Dinner is where I struggle. Sometimes I rock it, others not so much. But I had my food prep containers arrive this week so I’ve prepped several nights in a row of chicken and green beans. All I need to do is pop them in the microwave and viola! Dinner is served. I like this routine I’ve started because that means I only eat meat in the evening, for one meal. I’m trying a “reducetarian” approach to my eating (click the link for more info.)
    • I plan on including 3 days at the gym with daily walks w/the fam and dogs to help improve my overall health. I also hope to run a 5k at the end of October. I do miss those!
  • With the flooded basement, we’ve kind of kickstarted redoing our house. We were going to wait a bit but we feel now is the best time to do it, while we have the momentum (even if it was spurred on by a horrible incident.)
    • We have plans for each room, with themes for each. But before we do anything inside, we have to protect the outside. So we have to re-grade the dirt around our house, put rocks down to keep it there, pull a bunch of foliage/shrubbery from the fence, tear down the fence, put an new fence up, etc. Once we complete that we’ll move to the inside.
    • On the inside, the thing I’m most excited for…we are doing a theater room downstairs! After we’ve flood proofed it of course :D. More deets on that to come!
      • One cool thing we’ll do down there is we’ll adorn the walls w/alternative movie posters. I got a few in mind I’m gonna put up but I to do like a rotating thing where every few months I switch out the posters. If we host movie nights w/friends we’ll put up relevant posters. Lots of things we can do with them! I’ve really started to dive in to that art/design scene and the wife said we could go to MondoCon next year! Can’t wait!

That’s about it for now old friend. Don’t worry though, I’m not leaving ya. I have a feeling things are about to change. You’ll be seeing me a lot more around these parts pretty soon. See you soon!

Keepin’ it Geeky,



Sometimes you just need a little structure…

Have you ever ran in to the struggle where it seems everyday you start off with a lot of motivation to get a lot of stuff done and then all of a sudden you get caught in a time suck? That’s been my day to day over the last month. Silly things that shouldn’t be distracting keep pulling me to them like a mosquito to a bug light. I gotta stop that. So to do that, I am adding some more structure to this bloggie thingie. If I stay consistent with this, I should have content, using both the written word and the visual medium of “vlogs”, every day.

So below are the seven themes for each day that I will be using to add structure and some explanation for each.

Mrs. H Monday’s –

This day, in my opinion, is the wild card. Mrs. H, my beautiful wife, will be posting on this day. More than likely it will be just a bunch of random thoughts thrown together and plopped in to a blog (that is kind of how she is with most things.) I’m thinking that by challenging her and getting her to consistently write will free up her creative muscles some more for her future zombie/buddy cop movie she’s gonna make (and I’m being completely serious about that.)

TableTop Tuesday –

I think this one is fairly obvious. This will be full on tabletop/boardgames discussion. Maybe it will be about a new game I want to play (or did), any fun things from my gaming sessions, thoughts on a relevant topic, or even discussions about a current campaign I am putting together. Trust me when I say there is never a reason to run out of things to stay about tabletop games.

Walk Down Memory Lane Wednesday –

Here I will do my reflection and storytelling of tales past. Experiences I’ve gone through growing up, lessons learned, funny stories, painful failures, and uplifting successes. This will be the day most of my family and friends will tune in.

Teach Me Something Thursday –

Here I will be focusing on the various things I am trying to improve my skills at. Things I am trying to learn or master in some way, for example it could be a tutorial on a certain VFX in After Effects, a recipe I tried, or even a gaming table how-to-video I’m obsessed with…I’m not saying that happened or anything…zip it.

Film Fridays –

Probably the day I am looking forward to the most. It will be my weekly vlog post that will be discussing my chosen film for Friday night viewing. It could be a classic (think Citizen Kane, Star Wars Ep. V, Apocalypse Now, etc.), films that are hugely popular and have impacted popular culture in countless ways. Others will be more of the cult fair (Rocky Horror Picture Show, Repo Man, newer ones like Turbo Kid, etc.) to provide a wide taste range. A good chunk of these I will have already seen, but I’m going to throw some new ones in there. As well as some bad movies every once in a while because what the hell right? Each post I’ll discuss some background about the film, a synopsis, and a recap of my thoughts at the end. Each posting I do will be in the 3-6 min range.

Substitute Saturdays –

On Saturdays it is pretty much anything goes. This day can have anything I am feeling like that particular day. It could be a topic of the other six days, it could be something completely unrelated to everything else. This day will probably be the most challenging as there will be times where I can’t think of anything to talk about. But if there’s no challenge then it is not worth trying.

Something Fun to Read (or Check This Out!) Sunday –

Finally, Sunday will be day where I give shout outs (and links) to anything interesting I’ve read throughout the week (as well as anything that tickled my fancy.) So maybe I read a really cool essay on Tuesday and found an awesome new podcast on Thursday. Both of them would get some appreciation on this day. I’m hoping this will encourage me to keep trying to find new, exciting content wherever it may be.

So that’s it. My weekly posting structure/schedule. As this is the first time I am posting about this, we won’t be starting with Mrs. H Monday mainly because she is still trying to figure out her first post. But I am hard at work for TableTop Tuesday. I am aiming to have all posts up and ready by 5 p.m. CST daily so it would be ready for most people as they get off work and start browsing the inter highway. While this may be an exercise in futility, I say it’s worth the try. When you start working out to lose weight you may never make you goal weight, but you may add months or years to your life so it is still worth it. I’m looking at this idea in the same way. So here goes.

Keepin’ it Geeky,

The Oey


A Menu! (An Ode to Mum)

So part of this week I’ll be all by my lonesome (well, myself and two dogs, one who has a pretty nasty cough that I gotta keep an eye on) since the wife will be in the Sunshine state spending time with an old friend. Yes, I am jealous because A) the friend she is going to go see is pretty awesome B) her friend’s son is a blast to hang out with  and C) she’ll be in sunny Florida while I’m in cold Kansas (don’t get me wrong, I love the fall, but I don’t like cold.)

So since I am done for work for the month (besides my other contractual obligation which is more fun and informative than work) I have put my focus on my writing, prepping, and most of all, cooking. Over the past month I have started to dabble more and more in to the wide world of cooking, testing the abilities that I have to see if they are actually worth a darn.

My mums!

Gotta appreciate that Mother/Son dance at yo wedding!

Turns out…I got skill. Mad skill.

Let me back up real quick. I have always had a basic, fundamental understanding of how to work the kitchen to my advantage. The reason for that lies with one person specifically; my dear mums. See, many kids growing up nowadays don’t get the chance to spend time with one of their parents to be taught the necessary skills to be successful in the kitchen (at least it seems that way.) There is a myriad of reasons for that and I’m not going to get in to that here, however I will say that this saddens me. My mother made a point to spend time with each kid to show them the basics on how to cook (while working a full time job that required long hours as well as being hen mother to all of our friends…we lived a block away from school so we became the hangout spot for everyone once school and extra curricular activities were completed.)

My mother took a very “Peanut Butter and Jelly” approach to teaching us kids. By that I mean she broke down cooking as if we had never heard of a pot or pan before and explained it very simple details. To clarify, the PB&J approach would be like if an alien landed in your backyard and you were trying to teach it how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can’t assume it has the same understanding of a PB&J sandwich that you do, so you have to reallllllly simplify it. My mums did the same.

Now she didn’t do to talk down to us, no, she did it to make sure we understood the foundation of cooking before moving on to more complicated things. So she taught us everything from boiling water to make a cookies to browning meat and more. Those skills stuck with me and I’ve always done pretty good when I tried to apply myself culinary-wise. Of course, only when I tried…when I got lazy (which was most of the time when I started living on my own) I just snacked/microwaved/heated up process/pre-packaged food. Needless to say it really dampened my palate.

Now, several years after having been happily married and in a position where I can actually put some effort forth, I have started to improve my craft in the kitchen. I’m not saying I am the next Jamie Oliver, Alton Brown, or hell, a Guy Feiri (wait, on second thought, I know I’m better than Guy…what a joke), but I am saying that my mother may have fostered a seed in my that is just now blossoming in to a full fledged talent. That doesn’t mean I am never going to screw up when I make something; on the contrary, it means that I will most definitely screw up. Yet, that screw up will teach me even more on what to do and what not to do when I make something. Screw ups are part of the process, not the end.

So I set out to discuss the various options I am looking for the menu this week and I ended up writing a thank you letter to my mum for teaching me something valuable when I was younger. How about that?

So Mom, thank you. I am forever grateful for what you did for me long when I was little (though I know at times it was hair-pulling aggravating) and I will say for the many future mouths and tummies I plan on satisfying, they thank you as well.

But don’t think you can stop cooking when we come visit 😀

Keepin’ it Geeky,

The Oey