Film Friday Apology

So as you may have noticed there was not a Film Friday update and I apologize for that. I’ve been quite busy with an eight year old who is visiting who is just a bundle of energy and takes a lot of focus to keep tabs on. That’s not a complaint mind you, the kid is awesome and a blast, just tiring and is the focus of my time (were he in school during his stay it would be different, but alas he is not.) So writing, shooting, and editing my vlogs for Film Friday are kind of out of the question until after Christmas.

I will, however, give three hints as to the first film I will be discussing.

  1. The voice of Jamie Lee Curtis
  2. Tight pants
  3. Synthesizers

I’m curious as to whether or not anyone can figure it out. Get to guessing!

Keepin’ it Geeky,

The Oey


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