NSV – Non Scale Victory (WBWed)

So today was my weekly session with my personal trainer, J. The man puts me through the paces each week and is just an overabundance of information on healthy living. He’s become my captain in the rocky seas that are my health. Today I achieved a NSV (that’s Non Scale Victory) that literally made me want to fall to my knees and cry tears of joy. But first…let’s go back.

It’s fall of 2010. A few months prior I had moved to my new store as a manager in SE KS. One weekend I went out of town to visit one of my favorite ladies in the world, my grandma. It was a double bonus because my brother and sis-in-law would be joining us as well. I had a lot to look forward to. It was during this visit that my brother would sit down and have a major heart to heart with me, letting me know his fears about my health. It was a tough talk, it stung (a lot), and I went home feeling pretty low about myself. Yet the more I thought about the talk we had, the more I realized that what my brother had done was finally get me in to the right mindset to make a change for myself.

The next week I joined a local gym that was very family friendly and not slightly intimidating (plus they had a great smoothie bar.) I hired a personal trainer. I was there at the gym almost every day. Minimum five visits a week. 30-45 minutes of lifting followed by an hour or so of basketball and running. Over the next year and few months I would drop 120 lbs. It was great.

Then Mrs. H and moved to CO. That’s when it all changed.

While living in CO, we would have a lot of life experiences in a very short time. Some great (our wedding, buying a house) and others not so great…some where downright life altering. All of this insanity mixed with being so far away from our family and friends (we had a few close friends and some amazing extended family there in CO, but most of them led busy lives so we didn’t get to see them that much) led to slight depression for me. During that time, my health suffered greatly.

Now, almost two years removed from the atmosphere, my wounds have healed and my mind has been course corrected. I’m back in the frame of mind I was back in late 2010. So that brings us to today.

This morning, as J and I were getting to the end of another hard workout, we hit the bench. He likes to superset two exercises together in a way that rests one part of the body while working the other. So I would do a set of 10 reps on the bench and then hop up and do five single leg squats on each leg. For the second rep he put on the weight (we always start with a warm up set that is just the bar) and I repped’em out. Then leg squats. I turn back to the bench and he’s upped the weight again, more than I’m used to doing for 10 reps. But I was in the zone, so I decided to go for it. I repped out 8 of the 10. Pumped I was able to get the weight that many times, I jump up to do my next set of squats.

I then blurt out “I wonder…d’ya think I could beat my one rep max (1RM) on bench?” J, who smiles the cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, says, “I don’t know…what do you think?” The challenge has been made. He wants me to test my determination and my strength. So I tell him to set the bar for 5 lbs below my 1RM. He does and I get set. I knock out four lifts. That was a first. I tell J “put my 1RM on…let’s do this.” He sets the weights and I slide under the bar.

I lift the bar…

1 rep…

2 reps…

3 reps…

I rack.

My mouth is agape in joyful shock that I was able to do that. I turn to J and he says “You know what this means right? We keep going!” For the next five minutes (we had to make sure I rested to regain my strength) we keep pushing it.

When it was all said and done, I had added 15 lbs to my 1RM and the best thing about this? I could have kept going! I am still riding the afterglow of achieving a goal I could never dream of reaching just a few months ago. Achieving what I did today has made me reflect my health journey over the last several years; it hasn’t always been consistent and hasn’t always been that great, but I’m determined to make damn sure I get to my goal weight and ideal body shape at the right pace. No shortcuts, no magical pills. Just through good eating, hard work, and perseverance. Watch out Chris Pratt, you’re not the only lovable doof who’s about ready to go from tubby to “OMG TAKE ME NOW!”

Keepin’ it Geeky,

The Oey


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