Deadlines, shmedlines…

Deadlines can be two things at once; an amazing blessing and a dreadful curse. Think about it; it is a blessing because you have a goal in mind, something to strive for and on the flip side, every day that passes by the pressure/stress of making said deadline just increases. I can feel the pain of constant deadlines. At a prior job I spent many days worrying about making deadlines for various reports, projects, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators.) It made it seem like taking a lunch or a day off was putting me days behind. It was miserable. (For those of you who currently have jobs like that, my heart goes out to ya.) There was the positive side of it though like I mentioned. Once you met your deadline and you were finished…such sweet release.

When I walked away from the career, it was amazing how much better I felt not always having to deal with a constant deadline hanging over my head. However, I felt I started to become complacent. There wasn’t a driving force making me do something. While it is awesome not having that pressure, it is less awesome to have something hold you accountable to get things done. For example, I would hard on a project if I knew it was due in two weeks. Now,  without a deadline, if I wanted to complete a personal project it becomes one of those “I’ll get around to it eventually” things. That’s not good.

That is why I am going back to the deadline route. While Over the next 5 weeks we will have three holidays, I will be traveling all over Kansas for work the first two weeks, going to Wisconsin for two weeks to help my family move, and possibly get things ready for another New Year’s bash at our place, and help my producing partner prep her short film for January (which is followed by prep for mine)…I’m still going to stick to a deadline. Actually, a few of them.

The deadlines will be focused on my creative projects that I am working on. There are quite a few of those. While all of them can be considered a big undertaking in their own right, I like to pile a lot on my plate. So here is what I’m thinking for my deadlines for various projects –

Daily: Update the blog

12/31/15: Both short films have been revised, broken down, locations scouted, and prepping a casting call.

12/25/15: First draft of feature length done

1/31/16: Second draft of feature length completed

2/15/16: Casting call completed

3/31/16: Final revisions made on short films and feature length

End of May: Shorts completed, editing started, start festival submission process.

That all seems very doable. Just gotta find ways to to help me stay on top of these. I did download an app called “HabitBull”, so maybe that’ll help. At least I know some of these deadlines will get some progress today; E., my partner-in-crime (or producing partner if you won’t to be more accurate) is in town today and we are going to be diving headfirst in to this stuff. Can’t wait!

Time to own these deadlines!


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