I feel the need…the need…for speed…or writing…or something..

So here comes  a bunch of rapid fire thoughts which I will expand upon later.

  1. I FINALLY finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last night. Very enjoyable book but I still feel the movie is far superior. In the film the filmmakers streamlined  a lot of the 3rd act which I feel is necessary. In the book Rowling gets a little repetitive and clunky and throws in a huge chunk of exposition that slows down the pace. In the film, they are able to take about a chapter and half of…well, exposition and fluff…in to a tension filled third act that goes forward at breakneck pace. I had been told beforehand by my friend C. (I will only use first letters for friends and family) that the film left out a bunch of stuff that was in the book. I respect her opinion on the topic of Potter greatly (mainly because she was the one who gave me the nudge to finally sit down and read the series, not just watch the movies) but I gotta say, as a filmmaker and cinephile, the movie succeeds where Rowling struggled. Still a fun book though! I have Goblet of Fire next to my bed as I speak, ready to be torn through starting today.
  2. I spent Tuesday night reading HP and enjoying the company of my wife…while others tried to make sense of the idiocy that was going on during the GOP debate last night. Seriously, how can any sane person watch any of them and not laugh at the sheer lunacy that is the GOP nominee field? None of them live in what we like to call “reality.” Can’t wait until the next #DemDebate where we will see actual grown ups have a civil, fact-based discussion on the future of our country.
  3. Apparently that Fred-Durst-Wannabe-Social-Media-Preacher-Which-Is-The-Same-As-A-Hate-Mongering-Street-Preacher Josh Fartstein or something (I know that’s not his name, but literally he would be more respected if fart noises just came out of his mouth when opened it) is causing a big huff over the design of the Starbucks cups. I…I can’t even…I won’t go on a rant on him. I’ll just say: he is an idiot and if you are one of the people who feel the same way as he does on this manufactured controversy…well, I guess you’re an idiot too.
  4. So Fallout 4 dropped and I tried to resist my urge in picking it up. Alas, I couldn’t. However, I have not succumbed to losing myself in the game. I have played maybe an hour at most and most of that time was picking out a house in my neighborhood to start building defenses for. What can I say, I was in the market.
  5. I’m working on creating a more routine day for my non-working days. I have more of those now that I switched status at my job (it was a good switch, trust me.) I’m thinking it goes like this:
    1. Early morning: Wake up, breakfast, take dogs for walk, maybe running
    2. Mid-Day: Writing/working on my various projects (that will see the light of day)
    3. Lunch time: The wifey usually comes home on lunch so I spend that with her
    4. Afternoon: House cleaning (if necessary), more project work, blow off time
    5. Evening: Make dinner
    6. Late Evening: Workout at gym
    7. Various days: Do work stuff around KC, etc.
  6. Sounds like a pretty straight forward schedule that should keep me productive and busy.
  7. Oh! I’ve also found out…I’m a pretty damn good cook. Like hella good. I’m thinking on top of all the other posts and topics I’ll be covering going forward on here, I think I’ll do like a weekly cooking post to show something new I tried out. Sounds yummy! (I do not regret that line!)
  8. Anyway, that’s enough rapid fire! I am off! Gotta work on the house a bit and then get ready to hit up Midwest Gamefest tonight possibly.

Keep it Geeky,



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