Too many things to do and not enough time

So as it stands right now, my mind wants to expand and strengthen in so many different things right now.

Some examples of what I want to be doing at right this moment:

– Spending time at my local comic shop diving into Black Friday Weekend sales

– Reading the loot I would be sure to walk away with

– Continuing my journey in my “how to” guide for coding in C++

– Figuring out why I keep getting errors in my C++

– Write a 6-8 page paper that is a “critical literary review” of a book/journal of my choice about a topic in Criminology

– Finish the book I’ve selected (which is about the actual study of criminology)

– Finish my three chapters for Criminal Psychopathology class this coming Thursday

-Go to a local Starbucks, get a blueberry scone and Vanilla Bean Frap with Peppermint, and hammer at away at all of this homework

– Play Dead Island: GOTY Edition, which I got for $7.99 at Best Buy at Black Friday.

– Watch Prometheus and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (both of which I got dirt cheap on Black Friday, as well as Hunger Games, all on Bluray)

– Finish interior planning on my upcoming house purchase (I have so many ideas for the office its insane)

– Go back to bed and cuddle with my wife

Hmmm…Conisdering I’ve only been up since 8 am MTN time, I have actually dabbled in several of these wants today. I’ve earned cuddle time and then some lunch!

Bonus: I even got a blog post in today! Even on my days where I have NOTHING to do I still fail to achieve this. Today shall be victorious! (I hope)

Keep it Geeky my friends,

Average Joe


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